Travel Made Different is an exciting project initiated by NTUC Income. It is made for travellers by travellers. We understand the research and planning that goes into every trip, so we created a comprehensive travel hub where people can gather information that go beyond the usual touristy reviews found online.

Similarly, we are familiar with the urge to share our knowledge with others. As such, this social space also serves as an avenue where people can provide insightful travel guides based on first hand experiences.

We’re all about taking the roads less travelled and discovering off the beaten tracks!

Your next destination awaits…

  • Get a taste of authentic local cuisines
  • Find hidden gems, not tourist traps
  • Learn quick and easy holiday tips
  • Be inspired by other people’s travel styles
  • Create a comprehensive trip itinerary

You can do all of this and more by starting a Travel Log! Don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy – this website is built on a platform that we already know and love: Instagram. All Instagram photos tagged with #TravelMadeDifferent are pulled into our gallery, and it is from this well-curated pool that you can choose the posts to add into your logs!